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These are the best performing grocery bags I’d ever used. The fact that they’re made of compostable materials is icing on the cake and proof that you don’t need to sacrifice performance to be eco-friendly. The bags are well made, sturdy, easily folded to stow.


I purchased the beach bag for a gift and it was perfect in every way. There is plenty of room to put beach towels, suntan lotion, and snacks. Plus pockets for water bottles and your phone. If you are looking for a beach bag, get this one.

Patricia S.

I love the heavy fabric it’s made from. I also like that it has longer handles so I can place them over my headrest on my electric wheelchair.

Judith T.

These bags are exactly what I was looking for. I WISH I HAD BOUGHT ALL OF MY BAGS FROM STARDUST! Thank you, Stardust, for being part of the solution to Mother Earth.


I just love my new grocery bags. Each time I use them, I’ve smiled to myself, happy to have made the purchase. I’ve since ordered three more and now have enough for a full load of groceries.


This bag is really one of the best options available for reusable bags, I hope more people buy them!

Jennifer H.

NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS!!! Love these bags! They are well made.


I love my Stardust bags, I feel good knowing they are eco-friendly and made using natural fibers. I use them for grocery shopping as well as to carry items to sports games and work.


They have a little stretch to them, which means you can fit in a lot of groceries without ripping the bag. The handles fit over my shoulder without digging in and were a good length. I have several now and they can carry gallons of milk without ripping. As for the compost ability, it will be some time before I can test that!


Strong and easy to fold up and carry along inside backpack. We all gotta help our planet in this age of plastic. Great job by the folks making these sustainable and biodegradable grocery totes.


Finally, bags that won’t hurt the earth! I really like that these bags are compostable! I love the name- Stardust! I will be purchasing more of these bags for myself and to give as gifts. Thank you for your diligence in creating these bags!


These bags exceeded our expectations. After using them for a few weeks, ordered another set as gift-giving bags. Especially like the sturdy and long, comfortable handles. Have been using one for when I order take-out. The box shape bottom is just the right size for the take-out food containers.

Brooke C.

Happy as can be! I enjoy telling the grocers that they are compostable when they eventually run out, which shouldn’t be too soon. I made myself a promise to stop relying on plastics so much after the new year. These are helping me achieve that goal.


Great bags for groceries! I also use one bag for holding yoga props when I travel to and from class. I was looking for reusable grocery bags that were sturdy, and these bags pass my expectations and on top of that they are compostable! Highly recommend.

Richard W.

Love them! I’ve not been using plastic bags for a long time. I was looking for something like this bag so when I’m done with it, it will compost back to the earth. Thanks so much, I may get these for all my kids.


Great product! These bags are awesome! I have been on a quest to live in a more sustainable way, so naturally switching from plastic bags to compostable grocery bags was the right move.

Lily W.

Great quality and easy to carry. They hold a lot more than I thought they would and are very sturdy! We buy a lot of canned things like beans, tomatoes etc. and these carried them when our other bags have broken in the past!

Natalija M.

We have been using these for quite a while and they hold a lot of produce. Strong handles are great, really happy with my purchase! Would recommend switching to these.


I love the look and quality of the bags. I am glad to be supporting a company, such as this, in their effort to make the world a better place!

Laura C.

Pleased with the bags, good size and sturdy for heavy cans and bottles. So along with Stardust, this is our step to help save our planet.


Love these bags!! I use them for everything!!! When I shop at the grocery store and farm, people always notice them and tell me how much they like them.

John M.

The bags fold up nicely, they can carry an impressive amount of weight, they are compostable, and we are all made of stardust. It’s a top-quality product!

Sandra L.

Sturdy, easy to fold bags. Thank you for a great reusable product. NO MORE PLASTIC!


These bags are wonderful! They are a lovely creation to help the Earth. I highly recommend purchasing!

Amazon Customer

Help yourself by helping the environment. I agree with Stardust it is time to put an end to plastic bags.


Nice Looking bags

Helen C.

The straps are long enough to carry on my shoulder when riding my bike home. Very happy!

Barbara H.

Strong, sturdy, and classic look. I love these bags. They are nicely constructed, have long straps and easy to carry when filled. With every use we are respecting our environment.


These bags are the perfect size for groceries! I ordered many to try and these are the best I found.

Kortney F.

Great purchase. I am able to fit tons of groceries in here. I was shocked at how much 3 bags can hold.


Great bag! I love the feel and the look of the bag. I’m glad to support such an eco-friendly product.

Matthew A.

Money well spent, great product!


I am proud to be supporting this business endeavor and our environment.

Roberta C.

We are so excited to use these bags to help our earth and highly recommend this product.

Charmaine W.

Totally enjoy having these bags, I keep them in the truck, it’s so convenient, and they are strong.

K. Santa

Product better than expected. Sturdy and well-made plus it is the perfect size. Highly recommend!

Book lover mom

BEST BAG EVER LOVE the bags!!!!


Great quality. Love the burlap look and durable feel of this bag.

Owen C.

You won’t see this floating in the ocean!


My favorite grocery bags! It feels good to know that when they do wear out someday I can just toss them in the compost pile and they’ll naturally degrade. I am happy to support Stardust with my dollars and by raving about them to friends and family!

Sarah E.

Absolutely worth it! Durable & ergonomic bags. What used to take up 7 plastic grocery bags fits into 2 of these bags. It’s not only using less plastic but so much easier to carrying and out of the car and house.

Kim B.

I have bought quite a few of these bags for myself and as gifts. I had also used them to wrap Christmas presents instead of wrapping paper.


I absolutely LOVE this product 🙂 They fit so much stuff! The tote bag is a great weekend or beach bag!

Sue S.

Second trip to Costco with these bags. So easy to carry my purchases into the house. The flat bottom makes it easy to load items into the car and the long-handled straps make carrying easy.


Very happy with my purchase and proud to be supporting this business! It was great to know I’m doing my part to help the environment. The bags are so roomy. I was so surprised how much can fit in them! I will be ordering more.

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