Meet the team
We are all on the same team!"
Matthew Murray
My love for nature and outdoor activities have been a driving force for getting involved in the sustainability sphere.
After traveling the country and working out of a camper van, heading to explore SE Asia, and living with a group of awesome entrepreneurs in Indonesia- it was time to figure out simple ways to create change.  I had seen many of the problems we face but also those working to make to make our planet a better place. One of the biggest things I noticed everywhere I went is there was always plastic pollution and none of it seemed to have anywhere to go.
One of the worst contributors was the plastic shopping bag- freely given out and often used for 20 minutes before being throw away. This was the place to start! If we can replace plastic bags and product packaging with compostable alternatives— we can make a huge impact.
My hope is that by taking action on this issue is that I will not only help facilitate a change but to create a ripple effect that will inspire others to go out and do something that matters to them. We are all on the same team! Aside from Stardust I enjoy spending my time in the mountains & learning to build off grid housing.