Stardust Bags are made from Jute, an ancient textile prized by the Egyptians for its strength and durability.

Stardust refined it by adding cotton to make an even more attractive textile we call Juco.

Jute is the most sustainable crop on earth! It grows without fertilizers or pesticides and only needs natural rainfall for irrigation and it absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen faster than trees.

Stardust Bags are Earth friendly throughout the whole product life cycle!

When your Stardust bag eventually wears out, you can compost it or bury it in the back yard. In 9 weeks it will totally biodegrade and return to the soil as if it never existed.

How cool is that?

Why are Stardust Bags better than the alternatives?

Single-use plastic bags will persist in the environment for 1,000 years. Multi-use plastic bags are made of mixed materials and can’t be recycled.

Paper bag production creates air and water pollution. Cotton bags require 500 gallons of water to produce 1 bag.

By creating a bag made from natural plant fiber, we’ve bypassed the need to recycle.

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