Understanding the Plastic Problem

Every year, roughly 102.1 billion plastic bags are used by Americans.
reusable polypropylene bag

Reusable plastic bags

are not the answer

They are creating an even bigger problem despite our best intentions.

Very few plastic or reusable bags actually get recycled because current facilities can’t manage mixed plastics. Let’s fool-proof the system and utilize a bag that nature can process and doesn’t rely on systems that aren’t economically or energetically viable. Compostable is a solution that bypasses that problem and doesn’t put additional stress on the system.


The number of plastic bag plastic bags that are used and disposed of every minute.

Metric Tons

The amount of plastic wasted each year.

Metric Tons

The amount of plastic waste created by humans as of 2015.

Disheartening Plastic Facts

boat in a plastic sea

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.

sea turtle with plastic bag

Sea turtles and other marine creatures mistake plastics and other garbage as food (such as jellyfish) and ingest it, causing blockages within their digestive system and eventual death.

plastic piles

When marine animals pass away as a result of plastic debris ingestion or entanglement, the toxic debris remains in the ocean and guarantees to continue threatening wildlife. (Worldwatch Institute)

So, what can we do? Go plastic free!

Order Stardust compostable bags.

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