The Stardust Story - Born in a Garage.

Our benevolent and industrious founder started growing his own food at the age of 9. The connection that Peter Murray felt to the earth as a young gardener, and then later as a skier and landscape architect was paramount. Stardust was born of that connection, further catalyzed through the eyes of his son Matt who witnessed the massive and devastating piles of plastic bags marooned on otherwise gorgeous beaches.

At Stardust Sustainables our mission is simple but important; Substantially reduce the amount of plastic bags being made daily to the betterment of the earth and all of its inhabitants. Using our strong yet biodegradable and plastic-free bags made from the ancient jute textile makes it easy for you to become a Zero Hero and have an immediate and significant positive impact GLOBALLY. “We are Stardust. We are Golden.” Together we can stop 1 billion plastic bags from being made daily. Become Benevolent.

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Each Stardust Bag you use has the potential to eliminate 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime.

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Stardust Compostable Jute Bag
“We are stardust; We are golden; And we've got to get ourselves; Back to the garden”

– Joni Mitchell

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