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Stardust Bags are good for the Earth, animals, sea life and the people you care about.

Stardust Sustainables 100% Compostable Jute Eliminate Plastic Bags

100 Billion plastic grocery bags are made every year in the U.S.

This is no longer ok, it’s time for us to do something. For years, Big Business has been giving us two bad options, “Paper or Plastic”. But now we have a better choice that decreases our carbon footprint. This is a revolution in the way we carry stuff!

Convenient for you

Stardust Sustainables 100% Compostable Jute Eliminate Plastic Bags

· Easy to remember - Folds up in purse or car door
· Comfortable handles
· Flat Bottom- stands up in car, groceries don’t fall out
· Large-holds as much as 3 plastic bags
· Stronger than plastic

Great for Nature

Stardust Bags are made from Jute, an ancient fiber the Egyptians prized for its strength and beauty. When Jute is grown, it creates more Oxygen and absorbs more CO2 than trees! It needs no fertilizer or pesticides and requires only natural rainfall.

Stardust bags are huge and hold plenty of groceries.

Stardust Beach Bags are roomy enough for all of your gear for a day at the beach!

Many Uses





Library and School


Stardust is Just like Nature. No resources are depleted, and no trash is created. If your bags ever wear out, you can compost them and they will biodegrade in about 9 weeks.

The big question is, can we eliminate the need for 100 Billion plastic bags? You Bet! Our teeny, tiny company has already eliminated the need for millions of plastic bags, and we’ve just gotten started!

Thanks to you, the best days for earth are clearly ahead of us!

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