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Each Stardust Bag you use has the potential to eliminate 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime.

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Stardust Compostable Jute Bag
Thirst Colorado compostable bag

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A Bag on a Mission

Offering the most sustainable option on the market
So what is the answer if it’s not plastic? If we look around the natural world the answers are already there, we don’t even have to create something that doesn’t already exist in nature. What Stardust found was a plant that was indispensable to many countries..Jute!
Jute is an ancient textile that’s been used in the world since the beginning of time. We have been able to refine and weave it into a fabric that is beautiful and strong. Jute grows without the use of fertilizers and pesticides and only relies on natural rainfall. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen much faster than trees. This makes Jute one of the most sustainable crops on earth.
Jute Processing Sustainable Material
Processing jute in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

12 Minutes

…is the average useful lifespan of a single plastic bag.

1 Percent

…of plastic bags are recycled. Almost everything ends up in landfills or as environmental pollution.

1,500 Plastic Bags

…are used annually by the average American family.

1,000 Years

…Is how long scientists estimate it will take for a plastic bag to degrade.

1,000,000 Seabirds

…plus 100's of thousands of marine animals are killed each year because of plastic bags.

Our Mission:

Create alternatives that are healthier for people and the environment. Make them accessible to everyone!

Meet Noura & Matt

Noura Ismaeil and Matthew Murray
more about us

After traveling to SE Asia together we noticed that everywhere we went there were plastic bags. It was an overwhelming and helpless feeling seeing the destruction they have caused all over the world. We were inspired by some local villagers in Bali, Indonesia trying to ban plastic bags on the island.   So, we asked ourselves how we could help and took a deep look at the current options on the market. We realized the current reusable bags were a step in the right direction, but we needed to use a material that would return to the earth within our lifetime. In our travels we had seen people using bags made of local material like bamboo and palm fronds. That’s when we hatched the idea for Stardust Sustainable Bags.

bangladesh worker
We work with suppliers in Bangladesh to create jobs and enhance the lives of people both domestically and abroad. Jute really is a giver of life. We are proud to partner with companies that offer environmentally friendly alternatives, pay fair wages and treat employees well.

We believe as individuals we CAN make a difference, but with your help we WILL change the world.

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“We are stardust; We are golden; And we've got to get ourselves; Back to the garden”

– Joni Mitchell

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